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27th May 2008

Black Knight 1

Rating: ♦♦

For the first time, I think BLU hit a sour note with this release. I’ve very much enjoyed everything BLU has brought over to be released, but this release just left me cold. Black Knight has all the elements of something that would suck me in and keep me enthralled, but yet it ended up boring me to tears.

We’ve got the young prince Chris who’s been sent to a military boarding school so he can learn and grow before it’s his time to take the throne. There he meets Zeke, a young talent at the academy. Zeke’s dream is to become a Black Knight, the highest honor in the kingdom of Aran. When Chris first arrives at the school, Zeke takes him under his wing. After Zeke rescues Chris during a hunting expedition they end up in bed.

Now, I am a fan of plotless smut, but this just wasn’t working for me. I know that this is BL and that we’re supposed to be happy about boys just randomly hopping into bed with each other, but it really didn’t work well in this book.

After that, Zeke vows to protect Chris for the rest of his life and they have a multitude of adventures, including political intrigue and brushes with assassins.

It’s well drawn and, in all honesty, stories about knights and princes and images of boys in military dress uniforms usually are some of my favorites. In case you couldn’t guess, this book is not going into my favorites pile. I had to force myself to read through to the end of the book. The plot meandered and never really got anywhere.

I hate to tell people to avoid a series and, who knows, maybe it will pick up in later volumes, but I really can’t recommend this one wholeheartedly. Don’t get me wrong, BLU did a great job of presentation, they just didn’t have much to work with in this release. It’s just all around mediocre.

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