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27th May 2008

Beyond My Touch

Rating: ♦♦

Meet Mamoru. He’s dead. Not only is he dead, but he’s a ghost. Meet Mizuno. He was one of Mamoru’s classmates. It seems that Mamoru had a bit of a crush on Mizuno before his accident. So, he picks Mizuno to haunt.

Trouble is that Mizuno barely knew Mamoru and Mizuno is a quiet, serious bookworm, as contrasted by Mamoru’s hyperactivity.

Being dead hasn’t slowed him down any.

Again, we’re dealing with the sweetness and light that DMP is known for. I know there’s a large demographic of BL fans who are too young to buy the stuff that’s 18+ and I know that they want to be able to sell to that large demographic, but I just get tired of the same story with similarly styled characters where they angst, then kiss, then get together and everything is peaches and cream.

Or maybe I’m just cranky from a lack of smut. The jury’s still out on that one.

It’s a nice story and it’s well drawn. I just found it to be slightly lacking in plot. Maybe it’s because I’m older than dirt, but I miss the kind of tension and drama that comes with having a true sexual relationship. These junior-high/high-school relationships where the characters barely kiss, hug or touch each other in any way get very old very quickly.

There were some very cute moments; like when Mamoru asked Mizuno to go out, bought him manga and Mizuno was all befuddled because he had never really bought manga before and ended up buying the wrong thing.

There really isn’t much to say about this release aside from it’s cute. The plot was threadbare, the characters were not developed, it was just something sweet for the kiddies who are too young to pick up the 18+ stories.

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