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27th May 2008

The Aluria Chronicles

Rating: ♦♦

After the last set of books I had reviewed for Yaoi Press, I had high hopes that the quality of the stories and art would continue. While the title story in this book is good, it just didn’t grab me the way some of their other titles have.

We’ve got Gin, a harem boy who’s having a pretty rotten case of bad luck. He’s falsely accused of murder, then left out to be a sacrifice to a demon for punishment. The demon surprisingly believes his innocence and brings him to the kingdom of Aluria.

Once there Gin is put in a cell with Kakale, who seems pretty damn nice at first. Until he screws him blind and then steals his body. Kakale’s a vampire, you see, and one of his powers is the ability to take over other’s bodies.

So Gin is running around in Kakale’s body, which is not a very healthy thing to do when most of the kingdom is after his head for being a blood-thirsty vampire. While running around in Kakale’s body Gin gets caught up with Kakale’s ex, Rakioul.

Rakioul manages to see Gin underneath the shell of Kakale’s body and falls for Gin’s innocence. But what are they going to do when Kakale wants his body back?

Things all end well, but there are a lot of plot holes and confusing bits that just left me wanting. This is a story that could have been completely engrossing, but instead fell short.

The other story included in the book was much more my speed. We’re taken back to feudal Japan – can we say ‘yay!’ for boys in traditional garb? – to meet two rivals who end up getting sucked into a spell that has them revealing their true feelings for each other. It’s drawn by the studio that brought us Pinned, so while the art was lacking, the story was completely engrossing.

I’m not sure if this would be a book I would recommend to anyone but the die-hard vampire fans, but it’s definitely a nice read. Not something that I will be keeping in my permanent collection, but a nice read all the same.

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