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27th May 2008

Alone in My King’s Harem

Rating: ♦

It’s been said that the characters in BL manga are really just flat-chested women with penises. Never have I seen this cliche more apparent than in this manga. I mean it’s pretty enough, and it’s well drawn, but the characters – especially the uke characters – are nothing more than girls. Girls who cry when they have sex. Girls who cry when they think that they’ve lost the affections of their lover. Girls who cry when they have the affections of their lover. It really gets to be quite silly. Top it all off with the characters being drawn very young looking and you’ve got something that just leaves me feeling a bit empty and a bit creeped out.

This is an collection of one-shot works, rather than a cohesive manga. With the exceptions of the first and the last two stories I found myself skimming through the stories just to see how silly they would get. But I just couldn’t get past the fact that the characters looked all of twelve-years-old and they wore more makeup than some J-rockers I could mention.

While it does not inspire the loathing that Level C instills in me, I really wouldn’t recommend this manga. It’s just silly fluff.

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