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30th Oct 2009

Age Called Blue

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Rock star boys always make me happy. Throw in the angst that Est Em is known for, and I’m madly in love. Manga doesn’t get much better than this. I need to remember that when I get burnt out on the genre that reading Est Em is a surefire way of reminding myself why I like this damn genre in the first place.

We start off with the story of Nick and Billy, a singer and a guitarist. They’re being torn apart by addictions and their attraction to each other. They’re no good together, but they’re even worse apart. When the band starts to take off, Nick’s free-wheeling ways wear thin on the other band members, but Billy can’t see himself without Nick at his side.

It all manages to make me happy and break my heart at the same time–something Est Em has always been able to do. I go into her releases knowing that I’m going to end up crying, but look forward to them anyway.

Do not miss this one. Rob your piggy banks, put off buying something else this week, but pick up this release. It will bring you back to your first days of reading scanlations–the first thrill of the wonderful combination of angst and boys in love–that got you into this genre in the first place!

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