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05th Jun 2008

A Foreign Love Affair

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

I love this story. For all of its cheesiness, plot cliches and utter what-the-fuck-ness, it’s a hell of a fun read. Top that off with being prettier than anything ever has a right to be and you get something distinctly wonderful.

You really can’t beat Yamane when it comes to the quality of art. Her men are as pretty as girls, but still masculine. Lots of muscles and toned bodies abound. Let’s not even get into the way she captures facial expressions. Visually, her works are just a treat.

So, there’s Ranmaru, a walking anachronism, who is more comfortable in a kimono than in western wear. He’s being forced into an arranged marriage for the good of his father’s yakuza gang. Now, Ranmaru’s fiancee isn’t too thrilled with the idea of being married either, but she is going to make good use of the gang’s money to get married on a cruise to Italy.

The night of their wedding, Ranmaru and his wife are fighting, and he gets kicked out of the honeymoon suite. He goes to drown his sorrows at the bar. There he meets Al, a japanophile who has wicked plans for our young hero, and invites him back to his room on the ship. So, Ranmaru does end up getting some on his wedding night, even if it isn’t from his blushing bride.

The next morning as they’re disembarking the ship, Ranmaru runs into his mystery man again. Al isn’t just some traveler, no, he’s the captain of the bloody ship!

It’s fun, it’s silly and the half-clothed erections are always amazingly hot. I’m so happy with this release and the quality that 801 is presenting it in. This is definitely going into my keeper pile!

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