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13th Jul 2008

Twisted Brand

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

I like books that leave me feeling satisfied. Especially books that I can walk away from happy, knowing things are going to be right in the the book’s universe. London delivers on all of the above in this release, the sequel to The Gold Warrior. I love how deftly she handles the main character’s angst and confusion with the stoicism befitting a warrior, albeit a disgraced and fallen warrior.

Since Maen is now working for the new Queen, both in bed and as a servant, he has little time to think about his lost love, Dax, but missing Dax colors his every move. Queen Seleste knows this and it infuriates her, as she wants all of Maen completely devoted to her.

When tales of Dax’s death reach Maen, he’s crushed. One of the things that has kept him going in his new role, stripped of any glory he may have had, was the knowledge that Dax was out there, alive, somewhere.

During this time, Maen befriends a young scribe, Kiel. Kiel is smart, blindingly so, and has more than book knowledge up his sleeve. What Kiel uncovers has the makings to unravel their society as they know it.

Don’t feel too bad for Maen; things will manage to work out for him. He’s our hero, don’t forget, and he’s more clever than anyone gives him credit for. Well, except for Dax and Kiel.

I always enjoy London’s writing. She’s able to spin a story that sucks you in and makes you feel along with the characters. I’m still afraid that there is a contingent of fans who are going to avoid these books because there are some descriptions of the straight sex in them. Now, I know we’re all here for the boysmut, but sometimes het sex is needed to develop the plot. Get over it. Reading it won’t kill you, I promise.

You know, we’ve had a few of the authors archived over here at BND go pro, and I’m always happy when that happens, but never more so when it comes to London. I’ve loved her work for years and I could not be more please to know she’s getting the recognition that she deserves!

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