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07th Sep 2008

Sparks Fly

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

I love Clare London’s characters. They’re always so vivid and leap off of the page. You find yourself cheering them on, just waiting for the happy ending that you know is lurking out there for them. This story is no exception.

First, we have Nic, a bright, young, entrepreneur who has, along with his lead programmer, Aidan, created a dating agency which is just about to go public. The site is quite successful, but Nic has an idea that is really going to revolutionize the online match-making world. He wants to remove the gender matching questions to match people up with their true soul-mates. After all, if you’re closing yourself off to half the population, you may be missing something really special. Aidan is just the man to get this programing right. He and Nic worked well together when they were getting the site off the ground.

This all sounds good, but add in the fact that Nic is starting to crack under the pressure of living in the spotlight, the danger of a hacker trying to take down their system and then throw in Nic’s attraction to Aidan. Now, Aidan is not the best when it comes to interpersonal relations. He’s much better with computers than he is with people. Especially with people like Nic, who he’s attracted to, even though he’s fighting the attraction with all that he’s got. Sparks are definitely going to fly when these two clash and get together. Friction creates sparks and there’s plenty of friction between these two.

I really enjoyed this story, mainly because the characters were not perfect. Give me flawed characters any day. Nic is far too stubborn and Aidan’s anti-social tendencies made them that much more real to me. London has created a true jewel with this release. Anyone who enjoys male/male erotic novels is going to find a lot to like with this one!

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