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27th May 2008


Rating: ♦♦♦

I had become a fan of Jet Mykles work from buying some of her books online in PDF format. When I saw that one of her books was available in print format, I just about jumped for joy. I figured that the price was worth it to have a book by this delightfully smutty writer in my hot little hands.

It was worth it, but I found myself wishing that they had brought over another story into print form instead of this one.

We’ve got Kyle, who’s a wannabe thief, and we’ve got Seth, who keeps getting in the way of what Kyle wants. Now Kyle wants Seth, but, in their world of gangs, it’s not something that Kyle really wants to make public. Well, it’s not really a gang, per se, I found it to be more of a mafioso setup, but we’re going to go with the author’s terminology.

Seth manages to get his hands on the one thing that Kyle wants to steal and he swears that he will give it to Kyle if he will come and talk to him. We can all see where this is going, right?

So, they end up humping madly, Seth finds a way to get Kyle out of the gang and start making a life for him. But he tells Kyle that if he ever wants to see him again all he has to do is call.

Yeah. There are a few more plot twists and turns in there, but basically that’s it.

The real thing that’s hindering this story is the lack of background development on the characters. You just have them shoved in your face without any clue as to why they’re acting in a certain way. Yes, there should be surprises and a few plot twists in a story, but when there’s no background and no motivation for the characters. Any and all plot twists seem to come way out of left field and really make no sense.

I know this author is better than this. I don’t know if the editors over at Extasy Books told her to cut out any and all backstory or character development or if this was just an oversight on her part, but it really hurt the story. I will be giving works by this author and works by Extasy Books another try, but I hope that next time they throw us a little bit more plot to go with our porn.

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