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27th May 2008

Immoral Darkness

Rating: ♦♦

I want to like this story. It has a lot of elements that I really enjoy. In fact, if it didn’t venture off into the land of wrong and fail so often, I think that I would have really enjoyed it. That being said, I was highly disappointed in this release. I was tempted to throw the book across the room in disgust more than once.

The story revolves around Shiina, a high school student with issues. His family ignores him in favor of his younger brother, so he’s a walking pit of despair and loneliness. To relieve some of his loneliness, he’s taken to sleeping with an older woman. She fills his wallet after every rendezvous, but money isn’t his motivation. He just wants someone to care for him for a little while.

One evening after meeting with the woman, Shiina runs into a teacher from his school at the train station. Before we knows it, Shiina is getting taken by force in the bathroom of the train station. He ends up enjoying, and later craving, the teacher’s contact, but it was forced just the same.

Now, I know that being forced into pleasure is a standard of this genre, so I don’t even bat an eye at it anymore. No, what really made me cranky was the treatment of Shiina by the teacher in the latter part of the book.

The teacher steals all of Shiina’s money, so that Shiina has no choice but to come to him for food. The teacher smacks Shiina across the face in a public restaurant after Shiina says no to him. All the while, Shiina’s bleating about how much he loves this asshole!

Sorry, but that kind of shit brings out my inner femma-nazi and makes her go ballistic!

Naono Bohra did a great story that featured the few elements that I did like in this story. It revolved around a young man who was on the run from his abusive and indifferent family. He was also a pit of despair and loneliness. He thought that the scars from his beatings rendered him ugly. He met an older man who took him under his wing, helped him to heal emotionally and then loved him to pieces.

Sadly, Matsuda can’t craft a story the way Bohra can, and her sadistic seme and wimpy uke left me feeling vaguely disgusted.

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