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30th Jun 2008

Gentle Cage

Rating: ♦♦♦

I like stories about artists. Even though most of my art is absolute crap, I’m pretentious enough to consider myself an artist. That being said, I can sort of feel a kinship with characters who are artists.

The story starts off with one of the main characters, Itsuki, going into the mountains to see an old acquaintance, Tokiwa. He’s supposed to have Tokiwa come and visit their old teacher, Yamabe-sensei. Now, Itsuki is not expecting a warm welcome and a frosty reception is exactly what he gets. A misstep on the ice leads to damage to both of Itsuki’s legs and to him being stuck up on the mountain with Tokiwa as his caretaker while he heals.

During the recovery time, we find out more of the back story and what caused the animosity between the two. They were friends who met through their love of art and grew quite close, but family and money problems forced Itsuki to turn to Yamabe for assistance. Yamabe was glad to be of assistance, but at a price. He would get Itsuki’s family out of debt and would send his sister to a good school, but in return Itsuki would have to live with Yamabe, cater to his every whim and give up any outside friendships. Once Itsuki agrees, Yamabe turns him into a living doll, refusing to even let him cut his hair.

After years of this treatment, we have Itsuki coming back into Tokiwa’s life. As the days go by, Tokiwa starts acting strangely. Is he pushing sexual advances on Itsuki because he thinks that because Itsuki is Yamabe’s pet that it will be okay, or are there actual feelings coming into play?

For being such a far-fetched storyline, this was a gorgeous and lush story. The lush feeling was helped along by the gorgeous illustrations by Kumiko Sasaki. While the plot of some of these BL novels leaves something to be desired, this one I found to be really satisfying.

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