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27th May 2008

Don’t Worry Mama

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Here we go with DMP’s second try in the BL novel world. Thankfully, I was much happier with this book than the Only The Ring Finger Knows novel. The story and the phrasing just flowed very smoothly.

Don’t Worry Mama revolves around the development of a relationship between Yuichi, an average, everyday salaryman who works at a pharmaceutical company and his obese, self-absorbed, dickwad of a boss, Imakura. While on a trip out to a deserted island to search for a weight loss herb that’s rumored to grow out there Yuchi’s hate for Imakura starts to grow.

Fate steps in and the two of them are left stranded on this deserted island. Now Imakura, more than ever before starts to show his true colors. He’s whiny and impatient and wants everything done for him and he’s even hoarding food and refusing to share with Yuchi.

Yuchi gets fed up with this and leaves Imakura to fend for himself. Yuchi’s pretty resourceful. He finds plenty of edibles in his wandering around the island and even begins to trap rabbits for food. Imakura, however, isn’t fairing as well. His experiments with eating on the island have left him sick and weak and all kinds of nasty. Yuchi, being an all-around nice guy, steps in to help Imakura. As Imakura starts to let Yuchi help him, he starts to open up to Yuchi. Once he opens up, it’s harder to hate him.

As time goes by and they’re stuck on this island and Imakura is turning back into a human being instead of a walking pile of blubber, Yuchi finds himself being more and more attracted to him. Imakura has soft skin and a sweetly innocent disposition. He’s also hung like my pinkie finger, but we won’t get into that now.

The relationship grows and the question becomes not will this paring work, but will this pairing work once they’re back in society, off the island.

You know, I really surprised myself by just how much I liked this story. Not to mention the fact that I was happily surprised by just how graphic it was. I mean it wasn’t full out-and-out smut, but it was pretty damn explicit. And that was a very nice surprise. I was expecting the book to be sweetness and light, like June’s first foray into BL novels was. If they keep bringing over books that are slightly smutty I think they may have just won a fangirl for life.

I don’t think the story or the subject matter is going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re curious as to what’s out there in the world of BL novels.

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