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27th May 2008

Body Language

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Welcome to Japan! The world of the self-lubricating anus and uke-boys who are gagging for it. In case you couldn’t guess, this is a smutty book. So smutty that the only the plot is there for is to move you from sex scene to sex scene. That’s not to say that it’s not fun in its own incredibly filthy, physically impossible way, but you should be warned going in.

Kane is known as the ‘Cool Beauty’ at school, he’s friends with the boy who’s known for being a womanizer and a jerk, Yuichi. One day, when Yuichi is bemoaning his lack of sex, Kanae offers himself as a replacement. Much to Kanae’s surprise, Yuichi accepts and wild, hot monkey sex ensues.

However, Kanae’s been keeping something a secret from everyone, even Yuichi. Kanae’s not as experienced as he lets everyone think he is. In fact, he was as pure as the driven snow when Yuichi took him. Now Kanae’s falling for Yuichi and worrying that Yuichi is going to go back to his womanizing ways.

This is not great literature. This isn’t even high-quality literature. This is pure smut that you read and groan at the improbability of it all, but you keep reading because it’s hot. We’re all allowed a few guilty pleasures. Stories like this, with no other redeeming value, are going to be one of mine.

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