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27th May 2008

Alcohol, Shirt & Kiss

Rating: ♦♦

I had such high hopes for this release. I had read the first chapter in a scanlation. The concept of cops getting together and forging a relationship made me very happy. I cut my teeth on FAKE, New York, New York and Yellow, cops banging each other silly in a manga makes me a very happy girl.

Sadly, there was more failed attempts at inane humor than boys humping in this release. We have Naru, a police officer who attempts to drown his sorrows in liquor, only to wake up in his co-officer’s bed the next morning. Kita, the co-officer, doesn’t seem to mind Naru in his bed too much. In fact, he insinuates that Naru was doing a bit more than sleeping in his bed.

Naru doesn’t remember any of this, of course. But the idea of doing things with Kita is getting more and more appealing as time goes on. Really good premise, right? I thought the exact same thing.

It does not live up to any of the promise. It’s just silly, fluffy and not sexy at all.

I’m really not even sure why this book got an 18+ rating. Usually, I agree with June with their ratings, but there’s really nothing graphic at all in here. You can tell that the boys are sleeping with each other, but all you can see is a shadowed crooked finger – and of course we all know where that finger is and what it’s doing – and you see boys lying on top of each other, but that’s it.

Very disappointed in this. I think it might be something that the sixteen-year-old crowd would be into, but as something that’s aimed for the 18+ crowd, I feel that this release is a failure.

I still love DMP and June. I just wish at times that they didn’t release so much fluff.

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