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24th May 2008

Love Song for the Miserable

Rating: ♦♦♦

After reading Antique Bakery, every story I read about pastry chefs gets compared to it. It’s really not fair to the new stories. Antique Bakery is so wonderful that next to it, almost everything else becomes a lesser story. I say almost because there are two works out there – one by Yamane Ayano and one by Kazuma Kodaka that feature pastry chefs, or at least amateur ones, and they show us all sorts of new and creative uses for vanilla and pastry cream.

As wonderful as Antique Bakery is, there is no smut for me to fangirl over, so the instances where we have smut really stick out in my mind. This release has pretty much no smut to speak of and is nowhere near as charming as Antique Bakery, so I really don’t care for it.

It didn’t help that the main character was slightly pathetic. I know salarymen would give their left nut for their company, but this guy is really just too much. It’s well drawn though, and it does have its moments of cuteness. It just doesn’t jump out and get memorable for me.

It wasn’t good enough for me to sing its praises and it wasn’t bad enough for me to want to go off on a rant. It’s just a forgettable little bit of fluff. I’m sure that some people are going to find it amusing, but comparatively speaking, I’m going to pass on this one.

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