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25th May 2008

La Vie en Rose

Rating: ♦♦♦

I had such high hopes for this release. It’s a shame that it did not live up to my expectations. This release is a series of vignettes revolving around an upscale bar.

The opening story is about a novelist who is suffering from writers block after his publishers ask him to write a story like his debut novel. Now, the debut novel was about a character falling in love with his best friend and then living happily ever after. One character being male and the other being female. The characters in the novel were based on writer-boy and his best friend, who’s male.

Poor writer-boy wanted a way to vent his unrequited love for his best friend, so he wrote this lovely story about how they would get together. Now writer-boy is tearing himself up because he’s still in love with his best friend and he really doesn’t want to drag those feeling out again just to write a story. As it turns out, the best friend returns writer-boy’s feelings and everything works out for the best.

It’s a nice story, but the telling was very disjointed and choppy. I had a hard time with knowing which character was speaking/thinking at a certain time. The story was also too short for my tastes. With a premise like that, I’m hoping for angst, tears and the whole gambit of negative emotions. Not just one wank scene and a lovey dovey make-up, even if the wank scene was pretty nice.

It’s well drawn and very pretty, but there isn’t enough substance in each story to let you connect to the characters emotionally.

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