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01st Mar 2009

Don’t Rush Love

Rating: ♦♦♦

I’m just not that fond of this artist. Her perspective is off and her stories are not that engaging. In her defense, this volume wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. There were only a few panels that made me cringe.

We’re revisiting some characters that appeared in Meeting You. Morino is the new student at an all-male university prep-school. On his first day, he sees Kusama practicing with the volleyball team and is smitten. The object of his affection seems to look at him and it’s all over for Morino. I mean, full-out, manic lust.

Now, being a BL manga, this means that the boys are rooming together. Morino worries about how he’s going to keep Kusama from finding out about his fascination with him, but it turns out that it’s not really an issue. Kusama goes out every night and comes home early in the morning, all disheveled and reeking of sex.

This drives Morino crazy and he offers up his body as a substitute. Kusama accepts and happy, hot sex follows. The problem lies in the fact that Kusama can’t admit to the fact that he’s got feelings for Kusama. So, they keep repeating the pattern of Morino getting his feelings hurt, then Kusama comforting him with the power of his awesome dick. (In the land of BL, there’s very little that can’t be solved by the power of the awesome dick.) Eventually, the Kusama realizes that he’s got some real feelings under the layers of raging hormones and there’s a happy ending.

You know, it’s not a great release, it doesn’t make you think or want to stand up and cheer, but it is a marked improvement over some of the other releases we’ve seen from this artist. This was originally released in 2006. I hope that she’s taking some of the time between releases to stop working on drawing incredibly detailed penises and use it to work on the proportions for faces.

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12th Dec 2008

Meeting You

Rating: ♦♦

I wanted to like this one because even though I’m really not fond of this artists style. I didn’t hate her other release, Love Me Sinfully, that Drama Queen brought over. However, looking at her style again I just can’t get past the odd proportions and angles. Top that off with a pretty crappy-ass plot and I’m not at all happy with this release. There’s nothing that really made me angry–it wasn’t bad enough for me to really want to start ranting–just kind of boring.

It could have been saved if the art was better, but this artist really doesn’t have the chops to compete with some of the other manga-ka that are being published over here. This week I’m reviewing books by Toko Kawai and Hinako Takanaga and Mio Tonnohji just can’t compare.

First, we have Himeshiro, who’s a bit of a slut. He’s known for never saying no to anyone–male or female. When Touru asks him out, Himeshiro immediately says yes, but dating isn’t the only thing on his mind. He’s got a battery of tests to put Touru through to see if his intentions are pure.

Now, Touru isn’t the most aggressive of people. The blurb on the back of the release calls him shy and timid. I’m hard pressed to find another way of describing him. Well, a virgin, blushing school-girl with a penis would be another way of describing him, but shy and timid works.

Timid little Touru goes along and passes every test that Himeshiro throws at him. Proving that his love is pure and that the best thing for Himeshiro would be to date him exclusively, pop his cherry and sail straight off into happy-ever-after land.

Yeah, there’s nothing really new and different here. Just a plot we’ve seen before and some really awkward facial expressions. 801 has some amazing stuff in their catalogue. This doesn’t live up to the quality I expect from them.

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24th May 2008

Love Me Sinfully

Rating: ♦♦♦

I can never find any fault with Drama Queen’s presentation. They always do a great job with translating, they leave in the honorifics, they just do everything right. I guess it’s a good thing when the only thing I’m disappointed in is some of the content they’re releasing.

It’s not that this was a bad release, it’s just very obvious that this was some of the artist’s early work, complete with odd angles and some definite proportion problems. Heck, even some of the eyes looked really wrong and weirdly drawn at times. The art did get better and there was one short that blew me away with the quality of the art and the explicitness of the smut, but all in all, this is not one of the rush-out-and-buy releases.

It’s just a collection of one-shots that the artist did for a magazine over the course of her career. It’s nice and all, but I would have been happier seeing some of her later work, some stuff that’s more polished and aesthetically pleasing.

All of my bitching aside, it is a fairly cute release and something that I think a lot of people are going to enjoy. There are no sad endings to be found here, just happy, hot-monkey sex and happily-ever-afters everywhere. There’s not too much plot, which is another peeve of mine, but in short little bites like this, it doesn’t upset me too much.

I’m just waiting for some of the other releases that Drama Queen has up their sleeves. I know they’ve got good stuff licensed. I just can’t wait until I can get it in my hot little hands and enjoy it.

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22nd May 2008

The Sky Over My Spectacles

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Azuma has a problem. He’s got a bit of a kink. He’s only attracted to girls who wear glasses. Normally, this wouldn’t create a difficulty, but the new boy at school is as pretty as a girl and wears glasses. Suddenly, Azuma is faced with wanting a boy.

Now, Sorachi, the boy with the glasses has a secret. He’s been lusting after Azuma and knew that he didn’t have much of a chance because he didn’t wear glasses. So he got himself a pair with fake lenses to try and attract Azuma, never thinking he had much of a chance.

Two pretty boys, secretly lusting over each other. I think we all know where this is going.

This is a cute and sweet, but mildly generic composition of stories. High school boys exploring their feelings and each other, angsting over their feelings, each other and trying to get into each others pants. It’s your standard BL fare, but it’s handled so well here that you don’t mind that you’ve read variations on these stories before.

Another plus with this compilation is the quality of the art. The facial expressions are heartwarming, the detail is fantastic and the sex scenes, while graphic, leave enough to the imagination to be really hot. I like it when some things are left up to my imagination. I’ve got a filthy mind and am happy to use it.

It’s a nice compilation and while not anything to write home about, it is cute enough to earn a spot in your collection. Fans of high school boys are going to find a lot to love in this release!

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