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24th May 2008

Menkui! 1

Rating: ♦♦♦

Oh, the pangs of teenage angst and young love. Meet Kotori. Kotori is your general, run of the mill high-school student. He’s average in just about everything, looks, grades, you name it, he’s average in it. Kotori has an older brother, Kujaku. Kujaku is drop-dead gorgeous. Gorgeous enough to have both men and women falling at his feet.

Now when compared to Kujaku, Kotori is pretty average. Kotori is fairly satisfied with this. It’s just how it is. In comes Akaiwa, who sees Kotori for being special just for being Kotori.

Okay, so it’s your basic high-school romance, but here comes the twist. Kotori’s older brother, Kujaku, isn’t really related to him by blood and Kujaku has gone and fallen for his younger brother. Kotori’s oblivious to all of this; his head is still all wrapped up in the fact that Akaiwa likes him.

Kujaku hasn’t let his feelings come to light, he hasn’t even let Kotori know that they are not blood relations. So the question is, who will Kotori end up with?

The book also includes some very silly one-shots, my favorite revolving around a family with three brothers. Tenma, the youngest brother, is madly in love with Daichi, the eldest brother. Ushio, the middle brother, loves to pick on Tenma by coming up with insane plots to get Tenma and Daichi together. Plots that Ushio knows are going to fail. It’s sweet, just plain silly and really quite nice once you get past the whole brother thing.

All in all, it’s a nice series, nothing to write home about, nothing to run around shouting praises to the rafters, but it’s cute and slightly endearing. BLU as always did a great job with the presentation, keeping in all of the honorifics. It’s definitely not one of my all-time favorite series, but it’s cute nonetheless.

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24th May 2008

Menkui! 2

Rating: ♦♦♦

I really want to like Menkui!. It’s cute at times, the art isn’t too bad and, while being completely improbable, the plot is pretty good; but there’s just something off about it that sets me on edge.

This volume revolves around a number of short vignettes that serve to show the development of Kotori and Akaiwa’s relationship. The first one involves Kotori getting sucked into a mirror world by a pretty boy spirit in traditional garb. Of course, only Akaiwa will be able to break him out of there.

Then there’s a bit of drama with Kotori getting sick and some misunderstandings when Akaiwa comes to care for him. There were a few plot points brought up in the last volume that I was hoping to see resolved here. What the hell happened to Kotori’s older brother and his incestuous leanings?

I’m hoping that everything’s going to become clear with the third and last volume of the series.

Really, the sweetest story in the book was the last story which revolved around Chickage’s younger brother and his first love. Very cute and sweet. The rest of the book would fare better by continuing in the same sweet vein instead of launching into impossible things. Yes, an elephant is interesting. What the hell does an elephant and a friend of Kotori’s brother have to do with the story or help it to progress besides just showing that, once again, Kotori is a sucker for a pretty face?

I can’t fault anything else about the book. BLU as always does a fantastic job with translation and presentation. I just wish they had more quality stuff to work with in this series.

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