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27th Jul 2008

Eternal Love

Rating: ♦♦

All of a sudden, I feel like it’s the late ’80s and I’m browsing through some trashy romance novel. The ones in which some young, unsuspecting twit gets kidnapped by a sheik or sold to a sheik and the twit is turned into the jewel of the harem.

So, here we have the male version of this. A young, austere salary-man who has never forgotten his first love from college. His love, a young prince by the name of Aswil al-Murshid, left our young hero suddenly, but promised to someday to return. Now, our hero, Tomoyuki, has gotten on with his life, never thinking that Aswil will keep his promise. It should not come as a surprise to anyone that Aswil does keep his promise, but in his own way. He kidnaps Tomoyuki and brings him to his desert palace.

Thankfully, Tomoyuki isn’t fully your stereotypical uke, who will let Aswil get away with all of this nonsense without a fight. Half the fun of reading this release is seeing just how creative Tomoyuki can be in trying to escape Aswil’s clutches. Still, for being slightly amusing, it still reads like a really bad romance novel, complete with a wedding. It’s an easy read and a nice bit of fluff, but nothing that’s really special. In all honesty, I can’t stress the comparisons to a badly done romance novel enough.

I like romance novels, don’t get me wrong, but the harem/desert prince formula has never piqued my interest. Let’s not even get into the fact that when I’m reading my BL, I like for the characters to be male and to have male concerns. The only real issue that Tomoyuki faces is having to deal with Aswil’s fiance and being disguised as a girl to be snuck into the palace.

I think that those of you out there who enjoy the harem fantasy will like this one, but it will leave all but the most devoted of BL fans cold.

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