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27th May 2008

Enslaved by the Dragon

Rating: ♦♦

Imagine you’re homeless, hopeless and a rich man takes you in to be his love slave. Yeah, not entirely a bad situation, in my opinion. This is the story you’ll find in Enslaved by the Dragon.

I found the story to be somewhat predictable, but still enjoyable. It has a good flow and didn’t beat around the bush with a lot of nonsense. The angst level on the slave’s part is good and is conveyed very well through Studio Kosaru’s illustrations.

However, the illustration of the book left me wanting. I wanted more detail. I wanted to see penises and penetration. The backgrounds were too general and didn’t give me that sense of luxury I’d expect with such a rich man.

Also in this book is a short story entitled “The Snow Demon” by Tina Anderson and Yishan Li. I’ve read a few of Ms. Anderson’s works and I’m always entertained. This story is no exception. Of course, it’s not everyone’s taste, but a little non-con never hurt anyone.

Yishan Li did a very good job with illustrations. I did find some of the proportions and perspectives wonky, but it didn’t necessarily take away from the overall quality.

All in all, Enslaved by the Dragon is not for everyone. American yaoi manga has a very different feel than Japanese. I don’t think most hardcore fans would be willing to fork over the money for American because they associate yaoi with Japan and everything else is fanart. In some respects, they are correct; in many, they’re wrong. I say keep an open mind and just try it.

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23rd May 2008

Pinned! 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

The first manga I reviewed from Yaoi Press was Yaoi Hentai and I wasn’t pleased with it. I was concerned that Pinned! would be the same disappointment. Color me all kinds of surprised when I find that Pinned! is not like Yaoi Hentai at all.

The art of Pinned! is different than any Japanese manga I’ve seen. This is a good thing and makes the manga stand out. I was very pleased with the artistic flow. I would’ve liked to have seen more rippling muscles, but I’ll forgive Studio Kosaru. (Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.) I will admit that some manga fans will not like this art style, but I happen to find it easy to follow.

Now, for the story… Synn, a cruiseweight wrestler, has just joined the big boys of Wrestle World. He has money, fans and fame… and now the champion after his cute ass. Synn is mixed up and confused about the champion, Renegade, and his own feelings about taking up with Renegade. This is not taking into consideration the rumors Synn’s been hearing about Renegade’s past lover.

Volume one of Pinned! is a very good spin on the wrestling world. The ending made me yearn for the next volume to see what would happen to Synn and Renegade. I recommend this manga to any yaoi fan who likes the American wrestling universe and its sexy boys.

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