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26th May 2008


Rating: ♦♦♦

Cute, school-boy love, Kissing is illustrated by the same artist who drew Passion. I always like her art, but if you’re not a fan of her style, then you’re most likely not going to be a fan now.

Basically, we’ve got two best friends. They’ve been together since childhood and because their birthdays are very close together, they celebrate them on the same day.

One day, Kazushi uses Haru as a shield to get away from a girl who was pursuing him. He convinces the girl that the reason he’s not interested in her is because he’s with Haru and seals the deal by kissing him. This throws Haru for a bit of a loop. Best friends just don’t go around kissing each other in Haru’s world, even if it is to escape from a female.

Eventually it comes out that it wasn’t just a façade to get rid of the girl on Kazushi’s part. He’s got some serious feelings for Haru and not just as a friend. Again, Haru is thrown for a loop. He doesn’t think he feels the same way for Kazushi. After some misunderstandings and hurt feelings, Haru comes to realize that he does have strong feelings for Kazushi and not just as a friend.

It’s cute, it’s sweet, and it’s like about 89% of the other school-boy BL romances out there. June did a great job of presentation as always, but there’s only so many stories like this that you can read before they all start to blur together.

If you’re truly a fan of Shoko Takaku’s art, this belongs in your collection; otherwise it’s really only worth it if you’ve got a real lust for sweet school-boy stories.

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