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05th Nov 2010

Stay Close To Me

Rating: ♦♦♦

I knew I was familiar with this artist, I just wasn’t sure where I knew her from. Because I’m too lazy to get up and search through my bookshelves when I’m reading a release, I didn’t realize that this was the artist behind Tea for Two until I sat down to write the review.

While this release has all of the charm of Tea for Two, it is a little lacking in the smut department. Don’t get me wrong, it’s disgustingly cute, but after reading Under Grand Hotel, Kizuna and Finder this week, being presented with a release with all sex being done with a fade to black, I’m just a bit jaded.

Yuzu has always looked up to Icchan, starting back in elementary school when Icchan stuck up for Yuzu. Now that they’re in high school, the problem is that Yuzu still wants to look up to Icchan, and be his princess, but that’s kind of hard to do when you’re much taller than the object of your affections.

It’s cute. It’s fluffy. It’s really well done with some great comedic twists – just don’t go into this one expecting porn.

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16th May 2010

Tea for Two 4

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

It’s graduation time for the boys, and while whether or not Tokumaru will even be able to graduate is still up in the air, their relationship is still solid.

Or, is it? Hasune wants nothing more than a confession of Tokumaru’s feelings, while Tokumaru is just fine with things going on as they always have. Predictably, this leads to strife – and with the introduction of someone Hasune has had a relationship in the past – confusion and jealousy on Tokumaru’s side.

Both characters have grown over the course of the series, but have they grown enough to be able to express their true feelings to each other, without losing each other?

I’m going to miss this series. It was far too much fun. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but it was well drawn, and managed to combine humor with angst very well. I wish everything that got released over here was this charming.

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14th Dec 2009

Tea For Two 3

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

I’ve been waiting so long for this volume, that I pretty much forgot what had happened in the first two volumes. Thankfully, I caught myself up pretty quickly. This isn’t one of those deep thought mangas that has lots and lots of complicated plot twists. No, this is pretty straightforward, boy meets other boy, boys boink, and then complications arise to keep boys from boinking.

Just to catch all of you up, we have Tokumaru and Hasune. Tokumaru is good at anything athletic, but is a dismal failure at almost everything else. Hasune is the head of his family’s tea house, and his charged with trying to teach Tokumaru some grace and manners. Cue some hilarity with Tokumaru being a klutz, and winning over Hasune with his bubbly personality and we’ve got a relationship.

In this volume, it’s summer break, and Tokumaru is faced with trying to figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Nothing like putting the pressure on! When he’s given the opportunity to look into attending a sports college, where his lack of book knowledge is not going to be held against him, Tokumaru thinks that he’s got it all figured out. Hasune takes this as an opportunity to tutor and molest Tokumaru at every possible opportunity. Now, the question is if Tokumaru will be able to stay with Hasune or will his future plans pull them apart.

You know, if this wasn’t so well drawn, and so charming, I don’t think I would care for it as much. It’s really nothing special, when you look at the basic plot, but, there’s something with the quality of the art, and the situations the characters find themselves in, which turn this into a series that I’m happy to wait for.

I have volume four pre-ordered on, and it’s slated for delivery in April. Let’s hope that the release date doesn’t get pushed back too far, now that I’m remembering how much I like this series, I don’t want to wait too long to read the rest of it!

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17th Aug 2008

Tea for Two 2

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

This is one of those delightfully insane series that never crosses the line into being too silly or slapstick, but at the same time, realizes that the situations are completely impossible and runs with it. I don’t know why, but that combination has always managed to suck me in and make me happy.

Tokumaru and Hasune have started dating, this is all well and good, but their schedules don’t leave them much time to do more than grope each other in the Tea Ceremony clubroom. Add in Hasune not being sure if he wants to devote his life to tea, and Tokumaru being distracted by the arrival of his old sempai and baseball and you have the opportunity for some good angst.

Tokumaru’s sempai returns with some big news – he’s a father to twins. He starts talking to Tokumaru about his future plans and this gets Tokumaru to thinking. His grades really aren’t good enough to get him into a good college, about the only thing he’s really good at is getting screwed by Hasune and playing sports. At the same time, Hasune’s family is pressuring him to take on the role of ‘master of tea’ while Hasune is using Tokumaru to run away from his problems.

It all works out and the boys are happy at the end. You know, I really shouldn’t like this series as much as I do. There isn’t too much in the way of plot, it’s kind of silly and it doesn’t break any new ground. Yet, I look forward to the next volume coming out and this series is on my ‘must pre-order as soon as possible’ list. I don’t know how such a silly series has wormed its way into my heart, but it’s welcome.

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15th Jun 2008

Tea for Two 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Tea ceremonies should not be erotic. I don’t care how pretty the boys are in their traditional garb and how much lust is simmering between them, they just shouldn’t be erotic. Of course, this book makes them erotic and leaves me feeling all around happy because the entire thing is so well done and so very, very funny.

I had read this series first through scanlations, but I stopped reading after the first few releases. I don’t know why because I really enjoyed the story. Maybe I was just running out of time to download stuff or got distracted by shiny things. So while I am familiar with the basic plot, I don’t know a lot of it, so I was in for a treat when I picked up the first volume for myself.

Madoka Tokumaru is a bull in a china shop. He always seems to be breaking something. To help him learn some control and to help keep all of her stuff from getting destroyed, his sister forces him to join the tea ceremony club. The head of the tea ceremony club is the cool and collected Kazuma Hasune. Hasune has reservations at first about Tokumaru joining the club, but gives in.

Now, things are going to start heating up and the question is, will Kasune be able to survive the hurricane force that is Tokumaru?

There’s really just far too much sweetness and silliness in this release. It’s not a difficult read and the plot is very easy to follow. It’s just the thing to curl up with when you want some pretty-boy goodness and don’t want to tax your brain too much!

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