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27th May 2008

Constellations in My Palm

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

This release was an utter and total treat. Illustrated by the artist who brought us Rin!, it’s full of gorgeous art and a plot that’s all soft, sweet angst that’s going to tug at your heart. No matter how cranky and jaded you are, this release is going to make you smile.

There are times when I get a bit tired with some of the light and sweet releases that June Manga puts out, but then they redeem themselves by releasing something like this.

So we have Mizuho who cut all ties with his childhood friend, Enji. Childhood friends doesn’t even begin to cover these two. They were pretty much inseparable. Their favorite thing to do was to go stargazing. They always swore that when they grew up they would both study the stars.

So fast forward eight years. Mizuho is going to school for business and his old friend Enji is coming to stay with the family because he’s attending the same school. Enji’s studying astronomy though. He’s never lost his sense of wonder with the stars.

Mizuho has a lot of conflicting emotions now that Enji’s back in his social sphere. He’s uncomfortable with the way he just dropped him years ago and he’s confused at how cold Enji is with him. He wants to be comfortable with Enji again, but Enji is blocking him out.

It’s so nice to watch the love between these two unfold. They’re so prickly around each other because of past hurts, but once they let down their defenses it’s all warm and sweet and perfect.

I need more releases like this. Stories like this are what keep me in love with this genre.

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