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27th May 2008

Cold Sleep

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Tohru Takahisa is having a shitty life. Well, at least what he can remember of it is pretty shitty. Takahisa was in a car accident that left him with a rotten case of amnesia and a busybody by the name of Fujishima, who seems to have taken him under his wing. Right down to giving him a place to stay while he gets back on his feet.

The two adjust to their lives together fairly well until Fujishima makes it known that Takahisa should go back to school and take up photography. Takahisa has no interest in photography and doesn’t know why Fujishima keeps pushing this down his throat.

A cranky Takahisa gets a part time job at a local store and starts trying to find clues about his life before the accident. He doesn’t like much of what he finds. The old Takahisa was hot-tempered and reckless, the old Takahisa didn’t like people very much, the old Takahisa had talked about saving up money to take photography courses.

It seems that Fujishima knows more about Takahisa’s life than he was letting on. Throw in the fact that Fujishima has a mad crush on Takahisa and that Takahisa is starting to slowly reciprocate the feelings, and you get an interesting little mix. Now eventually, we do find out why Fujishima has wormed his way into Takahisa’s life and just how deeply the two care about each other, but it’s a long and interesting road getting there.

Also, included with the main story was two mini-stories about high-school classmates who meet up at a class reunion years after they both graduated and went their own ways. I’m a sucker for school-boy angst, so this was right up my alley. Nicely done with weaving in the flashbacks to the time in high school; the storm of angst and emotions that comes with being that age and the two main characters falling right back into their schoolboy roles as they talk as adults.

It’s nice. Narise Konohara seems to pick odd themes for her writing. While it does follow some of the traditional BL stereotypes, many times she takes the cliche and turns it on it’s ear – producing something that’s utterly addicting to read.

I really hope that fans enjoy the novels as much as I have been. I would really like to see more of them brought over and released in English. I’ll bribe the gang down at June with cookies if I have to. I want more of this!

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