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09th May 2009

U Don’t Know Me

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Oh, God. I am loving the art in this release. It’s all smooth muscle lines and pouty faces. Don’t get me started on the detail in which the hands are rendered nor the way she draws her characters hipbones.

We are hampered by the obligatory invisible penis, but even with that, this release is still hot as hell. Good art can take you a long way–even making up for a few issues I have with the storyline.

So, we have Yoojin and Seyun. They’ve been friends since childhood. Of course, this being a BL manga, once they hit puberty and the hormones start kicking in, those feelings of childhood friendship start to turn into something more. Yet, there’s problems. Neither one of them wants to admit their feelings and Seyun is caught up with some massive family issues. There’s also a case of mistaken identity that sets both boys off on a course that’s either going to force them together or rend them apart.

One of the things that really sets this release apart, aside from the amazing artwork, is the fact that Yoojin’s parents are so accepting of their relationship. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but once they get over the fact that their little boy is in love with another boy, they accept Seyun as another son and worry about him like he was one of their own. It’s a nice change from the usual angst that we see in the genre with the parents throwing up all kinds of obstacles. I’m not sure how realistic it is, but it’s still fun to see.

This is another one of those releases that, for no reason at all, made me very happy. There’s a undercurrent of real emotion coming from the characters that makes the scenes just that much more erotic. Would I like to see them push the boundaries a little bit more and maybe even get rid of the magical glowing cone of light that they’re substituting for a penis? Yes, but when the art’s this good, I’ll take it and enjoy it!

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