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24th May 2008

Paintings of You

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

I love Iris Print, really, I do. They’re bringing us original English language works and doing it in a way that doesn’t make me want to gouge my eyeballs out with a spork. I have set the bar very high for their works and so far they have not disappointed me. Paintings of You is no exception. It’s a sweet story with nice artwork and even though it didn’t quite have the depth that I wanted, it was still a damn good read.

We have Claude, who is the darling of the art world, even though he’s hiding a secret about his talent. Truth be told, Claude has no passion in his work. He just goes on autopilot and paints what he sees. There’s no feeling in any of his works. When Ben, a photographer extraordinaire, finds out Claude’s secret he’s not going to rest until Claude finds a way to infuse passion into all of his work.

Of course, there’s an emotional connection between the boys and feelings start to creep in, coloring their working relationship. There’s also the complication of all of Claude’s friends trying to get him to see that fellow artist, Beatrice, is the answer to all of Claude’s emotional problems, not the handsome Ben.

The characters are completely endearing, especially Hero, Claude’s roommate, and his super sparkly boyfriend, John. One of my main complaints with the book is that Hero and John completely steal every scene that they were in. Not that I didn’t care what happened with Claude and Ben, but I wanted John and his little dolly to come in, disrupt everything and make me giggle.

I really hope that more people give OEL (Original English Language) work a chance. Some of it is crap, but truth be told, some of the series coming out of Japan are crap as well. As long as there’s a good story and good artwork, I’m going to buy it and enjoy it, no matter what the country of origin is!

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