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02nd Nov 2008

You Make My Head Spin!

Rating: ♦♦♦

I didn’t hate this one, but it did suffer from the common problem of having the secondary story being a lot more engrossing than the main story. The main story revolves around Shindou who is transfered to a school that is literally falling to pieces. While there, he meets a group of ill-mannered toughs lead by Yousuke. When Shindou realizes that there’s a soft side to Yousuke’s tough exterior, he’s hooked and has informed Yousuke that they’re going to be in a relationship.

After that, it’s just a matter of showing Yousuke how to behave as a proper boyfriend in a BL manga and getting him over his fits of temper. It’s cute, but there’s nothing really exciting. Oh, I did really like the way the other members of the gang were drawn, but it’s nothing to start jumping up and down in excitement about.

The secondary story revolves around a teacher and his student. The teacher is very gruff and stern–always walking around with a pissy expression on his face. After the student sees him with his eyes red, he wants to see what would be effecting his teacher.

It turns out that under that gruff exterior, the teacher cries at the drop of a hat. Now, this fact makes our young student fall instantly in love with the teacher. It sounds silly, and it is, but it was done really well in the book.

I think I would enjoy seeing more of this artist. I would just hope that she would expand her stories and try to do something other than school boys!

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