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14th Jun 2009

Idol Pleasures

Rating: ♦♦

I really wanted to like this one. It started off being kind of quirky and cute. The kind of madcap romance that I usually enjoy as a bit of fluff. In the end, it was a fluffy bit of suck. Not quite bad enough for me to throw it across the room in disgust, but that may have been do to my inherent laziness rather than my level of loathing.

Amagi is a older divorcée, who through the work of his meddling sister ends up managing popular idol, Koju. Koju isn’t that interested in having a new manager until Amagi starts to earn his trust. Once that happens, Koju develops an infatuation with Amagi, wanting to do everything in his power to keep Amagi’s eyes fully on him.

Now, at this point Amagi, who hasn’t admitted to any sexual interest in men, is being set up on a date with a woman his own age by his sister. Also, isn’t even sure if he wants to continue working as a manager. However, this is the wonderful world of BL. Small things like a person’s sexuality aren’t important. What’s important is getting the two male leads in bed.

Eventually, Koju wears Amagi down and they enter into a relationship. Cue the big dramatic moment. In the very last part of the book, we see someone from Amagi’s past try to rape and blackmail Amagi because of his relationship with Koju. Koju enters, saves the day via a rock to the assailant’s head and they live happily ever after.

I think a better ending would have been rocks fall and everyone dies. But, that’s just my frustration talking. Throw in some invisible cock and sex scenes that are more fade-to-black than explicit and I’m not finding that much to like about this release. Deux had been on such a roll releasing quality manga. I hope that this was just a hiccup and they get back to the good stuff and quickly.

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