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27th May 2008

Empty Heart

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Drama Queen has done it again. They’ve taken one of my all time favorite manga and they did a great job with it. Dust covers, full color inserts and they left in the honorifics. The translation is clean and kept the sweetness of the story.

For those of us who are not familiar with the story, Empty Heart revolves around Takumi, his teacher, Usami, and the fact that Takumi looks just like his older brother, Ryuuta, and that Usami has had a crush on Ryuuta for years. Did I forget to mention that Takumi has a crush on Usami? And that Takumi isn’t afraid to use the fact that he looks like Ryuuta to get into Usami’s bed? The question is, does Usami like Takumi for Takumi or is he really just using him as a substitute for Ryuuta?

It’s sweet and fluffy and the characters angst so nicely. There’s a reason that this is one of my all time favorite stories. Masara Minsase is a master at conveying a wealth of emotions with just a few drawn lines. I’m glad that Drama Queen was the company who picked this book up for release. I shudder to think of what some of the other BL publishers would have done with it.

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24th May 2008

Lies and Kisses

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Meet Haru. Haru works menial jobs to get by.

Meet Tatsuya. Tatsuya is a business man who is searching for his younger brother.

One night they meet at a bar where Haru is working. Haru gets invited back to Tatsuya’s place. Lovely hot sex ensues.

Add in one small problem. Tatsuya thinks that Haru is his half-brother. Haru knows Tatsuya is his half-brother.

Angst ensues.

They fight. They make up. They learn about what really happened with their family…and more lovely hot sex ensues.

I really just love Masara Minase. Her stories are sweet, her art is clean and expressive and her boys angst like no one’s business.

While this isn’t one of my all-time favorites by this artist, compared to some of the crap that’s being published, this is really a quality piece of work.

As per usual, Drama Queen has done a fantastic job of keeping the original presentation of the manga. The translation is good, the binding and dust cover are fantastic and they keep in the kuns and the sans and the oni-chans that express the character’s feelings far better than any shoddy English translation could. I’m so glad that Drama Queen has picked up Masara Minase’s releases. I shudder to think about what some of the other companies would do with them.

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