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23rd Nov 2008

Barefoot Waltz

Rating: ♦♦♦

I’m really tired of anthologies, yet I’m still happy when I find one that doesn’t totally suck. This one has the usual conventions that make me cranky–angsty school-boys and misunderstandings abound. However, it manages to transcend the bits that make me cranky and turn it into something that I may just read again.

Top that off with some lovely, expressive art and I find myself unable to be cranky at this release. Hell, I’m hoping that this artist is able to produce a full volume of manga and not just a collection of short stories because I would love to see more from her.

We start off with the story of Abe, an author, who wants nothing more than quiet and solitude so he can write. The problem is that he’s unable to put pencil to paper and write. That is until a blast from his past shows up on his doorstop and asks for a place to stay.

Two years ago Abe took advantage of a young intern at his publishing company, Katsumi, starting a brief affair with him. Part of Abe’s doldrums is remembering his time with Katsumi.

So, when Katsumi shows up like a stray cat looking for a pet and a dry place to sleep, Abe can’t find a way to reject him. Of course, this means that Katsumi starts to twine around Abe like ivy. This makes it so Abe can’t imagine living without him.

It’s sweet and slightly hot. What really charmed me was the slightly different twist on the stories we’ve seen over and over again. It’s really nothing new, but it’s fresh enough that I enjoyed the reading.

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