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05th Jul 2009

Blind Desire

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

I must admit to being a fan of Locke’s before she was discovered by Torquere Press. Hell, I like her writing so much that some of her fan work is on BND! Anyway, enough of my fangirl babbling!

Meet Ryzel. Ryzel is an incubus. He is sexy with his long hair and unearthly stamina. Now, meet Quinlin. Quinlin is a psychically gifted human and a delightful, if bitchy, treat for Ryzel.

After a hot one-night stand, Ryzel and Quinlin can’t stop thinking about each other. It doesn’t make sense at all to either of them. Can Quinlin really be the lover of an energy-feeding sex demon? And, does he want to be? What will Ryzel have to give up to keep Quinlin by his side? Fortunately, meddling parental figures, friends and even enemies help the duo figure out what is going on between them.

Honestly, Blind Desire is devilishly fun. I wanted more, though! It seems to me like the story could’ve had more external conflict to push Ryzel and Quinlin together. The bond they share is great, but I just want more angsting. Suffering makes the sex even better, in my opinion. Not that I’m complaining about the plentiful–hey, we are talking about an incubus here–sex scenes, mind you!

Now, this is the first published piece for Locke. I think this is a great start too. There is a well thought out setting, enough humor and a generous amount of pretty boys humping in this story. Perhaps we’ll see a sequel to Blind Desire in the future?

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