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05th Jun 2009

Future Lovers 2

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed these two. They really are hysterical and sweet. More like a real couple than almost any other than I’ve seen in BL. Not that the world of BL has any thing to do with reality, but it’s sometimes nice to wave at reality as it goes sailing past.

Not much has changed with these two since we last left them. A year has passed and Kento is still ricocheting between adoration and embarrassment with his flamboyant lover, Akira. Akira, is still not quite sure of his place in Kento’s heart as he’s convinced that Kento is going to leave him for a woman and have fat, happy babies. Thus, making Kento’s grandparents very happy. There isn’t much that Kento can do to convince Akira of his sincerity except to love him stupid and just accept him for the special little snowflake that he is.

I sound dismissive of it, but it’s really very sweet and very well done. Even the arguments between the characters are handled very well. Keeping a sense of humor, but showcasing the emotions that are leading them to rip into each other.

I think my favorite part was the last chapter where the artist drew the characters living together as elderly men. Still bitching at each other, but still very much in love. I’m really hoping to find more works by this artist released over here as both her releases so far have been a total treat. Hell, I would welcome spending some more time with these characters!

This is one of those releases where I am going to tell you to run out and get it if you haven’t already added it to your collection. I just wish that more releases had this combination of art, charm and humor.

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08th Feb 2009

Future Lovers 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Every time I think that I’ve had it with this genre and its asinine plots, I find a release that reminds me of why I like it in the first place. Which, of course, is why I bother writing these damn reviews in the first place. For all of its plot cliches and formulaic themes, there’s something new and fresh about this release.

Kento is a teacher whose only goal in life is to get married and have lots of babies. In fact, when we first meet him, he’s getting dumped by his girlfriend because he made those wishes clear. That’s when he runs into Akira. Akira is drinking at the same bar that Kento got dumped in and the two of them decide to spend the evening getting completely trashed. Now, Kento wasn’t planning on sleeping with a male but, that’s what ends up happening. After his night of drunkenness, he wakes up in a hotel room to find Akira gone.

Okay, well, it’s just one night. Something that our intrepid hero can blame on the amount of alcohol he’s consumed. Kento just goes on with his life, trying to figure out how he can get back into his ex-girlfriend’s good graces. Of course, it’s at this point when Akira walks back into his life. Akira’s the new art teacher at the school Kento teaches at.

They both decide to forget that the night ever happened, but you know it’s not going to be that easy – this is a BL manga, after all – and they end up in bed again. Eventually, they decide they’re better together than they are apart and the real problems start.

I can’t say that this release is realistic or that it’s something new and different, but the quality of the storytelling makes the whole thing seem fresh and new. The art is nice and the facial expressions for the characters are fantastic. Again, Deux is proving that their releases are some of the best out there. They’re one company that I have no qualms about buying from.

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