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27th May 2008

Little Darling

Rating: ♦♦

I had very high hopes for this novel, even though I’m really not fond of the artist that illustrated it. I mean, it has angels, demons, boys with wings and all sorts of things that make me a very happy person normally.

Sadly, this novel was nigh unto unreadable. I don’t think it was the translation, even though that was part of the problem. The book is filled with jokey bits that don’t make any sense and jumps around so much that I had a very hard time following what plot there was.

So, we have Kaie, who’s a demon trying to rise up in the ranks of the demon hierarchy by working in the realm of humans. He may look male, but, sadly, he’s a hermaphrodite. This isn’t permanent. He will eventually be able to decide what sex he wants to be and all he can think about is how great it’s going to be once he’s a manly-man.

He runs into Daina, the heir to the Celestial throne, who has a problem like Kaie. Only instead of being a hermaphrodite, he’s stuck in the body of a child and only becomes a man at night. Daina has his heart set on making Kaie his wife. Kaie has other plans.

I think I’m just oversensitive, but anything that has any kind of shota connotations has me running away as fast as my fat little legs can carry me. I don’t care that they will only do things when Daina is in his grown-up mode. It’s still creepy that he’s a little boy during the day. Creepy, I say!

I don’t know. Maybe there are people out there who are not as sensitive as I am about this stuff and who will find enjoyment in this story. Good luck getting through it. I now know to avoid things by this author like the plague.

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