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24th May 2008

Our Kingdom 1

Rating: ♦♦

Akira Nonaka just lost his grandmother who he believed to be his only relative. In comes Okumiya of the Takatou family and informs Akira that he has more relatives. Akira, having no place to go, follows Okumiya to the Takatou’s mansion. There he meets a cute blond named Rei and his other grandmother.

You can kind of guess at the rest. This is DMP, so it’s mild BL. Our Kingdom is sweet though. It’s a light read. It’s predictable and definitely geared for the much younger BL lovers which is why I’m confused at the 16+ rating. I guess DMP’s covering their proverbial ass.

I do have a problem with this translation, however. DMP left off the honorifics. That’s right! No kuns, no sans, or even sempais! It was jarring and ended up sounding rather silly.

I’ll be honest here. Our Kingdom is not for the big girls. If more mature titles appeal to you, stay away from this. You’ll probably be disappointed.

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23rd May 2008

Selfish Love 1

Rating: ♦♦♦

Selfish Love, Volume One has three chapters of “Selfish Love” and four shorties: “Sweet Seduction,” “Luscious Intoxication,” “Worst Day” and “Strained Smile.” All five stories are drawn beautifully, so I certainly can’t complain about art style. However, I will complain about the narrative. Selfish Love, as a whole, is just not smutty, angsty or surprising enough for me.

Don’t mistake this for completely trashing the volume because I’m not. I did enjoy Selfish Love. It’s a quick read. There are a few sex scenes in the volume, all of which are censored. This is not Be Beautiful’s fault; it’s just the way the manga was drawn.

With that being said, I will go on about the main story, “Selfish Love.” The princely Orito Kuroha (seme), president of the Honor Society, is doggedly pursuing Ryuya Fujio (uke), but not for what you think exactly. Orito wants Ryuya to be his vice president and will do practically anything to get him. Ryuya, however, doesn’t buy Orito overtures of adoration. But how will Ryuya stand up under Orito’s kisses and touches? Well, you’ll have to read and see.

Most of the stories are classic romantic-chase narratives. If you like that sort of story without the real smutty bits, by all means, get Selfish Love. It’s sweet and has pretty boys. No more, no less.

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23rd May 2008

Selfish Love 2

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

The morality council is after Orita’s administration because of Ryuya! How will Orita handle this sticky situation? Well, just like the snobby seme that he is, of course!

And let’s not forget Ryuya’s best friend, Kyogo. Where does his affection for Ryuya fit in to all of this?

I must admit that Selfish Love, Volume Two grabs me. It’s funnier and the tension between Ryuya and Orita is better. Honestly, I just have a weakness for cute boys in glasses.

The illustration for this volume is as fine as the previous volume. The translation is flawless and never awkward. I think that Be Beautiful did a great job with Koujima’s work.

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