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21st Sep 2008

Ruff Love

Rating: ♦♦♦

This manga is done by the artist who brought us The President’s Time. This release is cute, but it’s not quite as good as Man’s Best Friend by Kazusa Takashima. I don’t know about this one, really. I get slightly skeeved out at the thought of a guy having sex with someone who has a tail and floppy ears. What saves this release for me is the fact that it’s a very sweet story and very well drawn.

Shiba was the beloved dog of Taketora’s grandfather. Shiba comes back in human form, wanting to take care of Taketora’s grandfather. Now, by this time Takatora’s grandfather has passed away, so Shiba decides to repay his debt of gratitude by serving Taketora. Shiba, though, is a walking disaster and is constantly making a mess or getting into trouble. For some reason, Shiba’s clumsiness endears him to Taketora and a physical relationship develops.

Problems arise when another dog/human hybrid shows up, Akatsuki. Akatsuki was a stray who was saved from an angry mob by a kind priest. The priest promises Akatsuki that they would stay together, but soon after that promise the priest passed away. This caused Akatsuki to grow jaded and bitter, and he wants Shiba to join him in his misery. It’s Akatsuki’s comments that lead Shiba to believe that it’s his fault when Taketora falls ill. Since Shiba is taking the blame, he leaves Taketora to save him.

This being a BL release, there’s a wonderfully happy ending for all of the characters, including Akatsuki. It’s a sweet story and very graphic, but I just can’t find the dog/man hybrid to be erotic. Still, the art is good enough to make me a very happy girl and the story is cute. I just don’t feel comfortable with anything that even gets close to furries.

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13th Jul 2008

The President’s Time

Rating: ♦♦♦

I really want to like this release. It’s gorgeously drawn and has a nice dose of silliness. Still, even though I embrace some of the insane plot lines that come out of Japan, there was something about this one that kept making me slightly cranky. I shouldn’t be cranky about this one. It’s cute! Yet, I found myself paging through, trying to quickly get to the next sex scene so I could enjoy that without some of the banality of the plot.

So, let’s get to the plot, or at least what is resembling one in this release: Mutsuki is the president and CEO of a cosmetics company that he inherited from his father. Now, Mutsuki is not charged with making the cosmetics company the best in the world or with making money hand over fist. No, Mutsuki is charged with becoming the evilest boss ever. If Mutsuki is not able to become the evilest boss ever, he will lose his position with the company and it will all be turned over to his uncle.

Since Mutsuki is an all-around good person, and only wants what is best for his employees and his servants, he is doing his best to become an evil person. He’s trying to start small by jaywalking and some minor vandalism, like graffiti, but he’s having a hard time even with these petty bits of law breaking.

Enter in, Makoto. When Mutsuki fails to play a prank on Makoto, he comes into Mutsuki’s life and a whole new world of evil possibilities open up. Casual sex is pretty evil, so is sleeping with a male, and how about forcing yourself on a male. Yup, all pretty evil. Mutsuki may just have this thing in the bag!

It really is cute, but it doesn’t have the heartwarming lunacy that series like Junjo Romantica or Love Pistols have. I think I have a hard time wrapping my head around someone who is as inherently good as Mutsuki. I consider myself a law abiding citizen with a fairly developed moral code of ethics, but I still can bring myself to jaywalk or commit minor acts of disobedience. All in all though, it really is well drawn and it has earned a spot on my keeper shelf, just by the sheer quality of the art.

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