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27th May 2008

Hot Steamy Glasses

Rating: ♦

I haven’t felt violent hatred for a release in a long time. A lot of times when I read a release and it’s just so-so, I just put the book aside to write a review on it later. Then I promptly get distracted by releases I’m excited about.

Normally, I’m excited about a release in a positive way. I want to write a review that will make you all run out and buy it so that if we ever meet, we can dork out about it together. It’s rare that I feel this much excitement in telling you to avoid a release like the plague. This is kind of fun. I feel my bitch senses tingling.

My main problem with this release, aside from wanting to smack the ever-loving shit out of our seme for being an utter fucking doormat and lacking anything resembling a pair of balls, is the similarities in the character designs. It’s like this artist only learned to draw a face one way, perfected it and then used it for every single one of her characters. The only change is hair colors, styles and giving some of her characters glasses.

The main story revolves around a self-proclaimed otaku, who’s also the president of a successful company. He’s got everything going for him. There’s just one problem: he’s in love with one of his friends from high school. The friend from high school? He has a violent hatred of otaku and spends half of the manga bleating about his heterosexuality. Then it’s like someone flipped a switch and he’s all of a sudden enjoying being pounded into the mattress.

The whole thing left me feeling kind of icky. I don’t mind characters hopping into bed with little to no provocation, but I want them to be something more than this. I want my characters to act like males. If I wanted chicks with dicks, there’s a whole other genre I would be reading!

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