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26th May 2008

Kimi Shiruya – Dost Thou Know?

Rating: ♦♦

The sport of Kendo fascinates me. Blame it on reading and loving Kizuna at a young age. Give me boys in hakama and waving about boken and I’m in heaven.

Sadly, the kendo back-story and the quality of the art were the only things that held my interest through this manga. Hanamori and Tsurugi have the whole ‘star-crossed lovers’ thing going on, but their relationship never quite comes to a head. I was left wanting to know more about the characters and less about their Kendo rankings.

I really liked how the boys were drawn. It’s hard to draw teenaged boys and have them look right. Usually, they look too young or way too old. Satoru Ishihara managed to capture the half-finished, slumped look that I associate with boys who are about sixteen to eighteen years old. They’re slightly rumpled and half the time, look like they just rolled out of bed.

There’s very little physical going on between the boys aside from their Kendo matches and, with the quality of the art, that’s just a shame. I know I’m letting my inner pervert out here, but I would have loved to see a few more graphic scenes with the characters. Not full-out porn, just something more than a few chaste kisses.

It’s a nice story, and those of us who are suckers for boys in hakama will most likely want to check this manga out, but it’s never going to be in my list of all-time favorites.

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