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05th Jun 2008

Thirsty For Love

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

I like complicated stories. I don’t always like needing a flow chart to figure out who’s sleeping with whom. However, complicated stories are a hell of a lot more fun than stories that I’ve already seen eight times over, yet just in different packaging.

Now, I know that this story isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. There’s some het sex in there. Not that I mind het sex. But, there is a contingent of BL fans out there who think that girl bits are icky. I also think that contingent needs to grow the hell up.

So, Yuka loves three different men. She loves them all equally. The guys are fairly cool about sharing her and keep their jealousy mostly in check. The thing is that Yuka doesn’t have much love to give. She’s got a lot of living to cram into a short amount of time. Once she’s gone, the bonds that were keeping the jealousy at bay are torn apart. The boys start hurting each other to ease their pain. Comfort can be found with each other, but the question that remains is, are they strong enough to take it?

I really like this one. In fact, I like it a lot more than I thought I would. Even though it’s a completely improbable scenario, I bought into it and got sucked right into the boys’ pain. This was a really nice change a pace from the school-boy and salaryman romances that I’ve been seeing from June. I really enjoyed the dynamics between the characters and how it developed over the course of the story.

You know, not being able to remember an author’s name just struck again. I should have known going in that this was going to be a good, powerful story. Satosumi Takaguchi, who is behind Shout Out Loud and Can’t Win With You, was one of the authors. No wonder I liked it so much!

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27th May 2008

Can’t Win With You 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

This series is unbelievably goofy. Drawn by the artist behind Rin! and Sweet Revolution, you can guess that this is going to be a pretty unbelievably sweet series.

Yuuhi wants nothing more than to build a soccer field on the mountain that’s going to be his inheritance. He’s got the whole thing all planned out. It’s going to be great. Soccer all day and night. His dreams are dashed when he’s asked to give up his inheritance so that a private school that his brother teaches at needs to expand. Yuuhi wants no part of this, but eventually, is talked into renting his mountain to the school.

Now, the students at the school aren’t too pleased with this situation. Their school used to be headquartered in a fairly bustling community. Now they’ve been moved to a backwoods mountain with nothing to do and no cell phone service.

Yuuhi ends up attending the school, but is shocked by the behavior of the students. It seems that as this is an all-boys school, the boys have taken to forming little harems and the whole place is a hotbed for happy boy-humping. Yuuhi isn’t quite ready for anything like this, so when he’s made resident advisor, he creates rules outlawing any displays of affection, so no kissing, no touching, no nothing.

This does nothing to improve his standing at the school. In fact, it makes things even worse.

This is going to be one hell of a cute series. Yuuhi is so sweet, innocent and trusting. You just want him to blunder though everything and then have things work out for the best. And, you just know that the sweetest and kindest student is going to fall for Yuuhi and his clumsy ways.

I’m very much looking forward to more of this series being released. I don’t know if it’s going to be one of my all-time favorites, but it’s definitely something I’m going to be very impatient about getting the next volume of!

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27th May 2008

Can’t Win With You 2

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

I had forgotten how much I like this series. I should have known it was going to be good, I mean, the artist is the brains behind Rin!, which is one of my all-time favorite series. I should have remembered just how endearing this cast of characters is.

Yuuchi is up to his old tricks, trying to make sure that nothing ‘gross’ happens on his watch. When Tsutsui leaves for a few days to attend a conference, it leaves Yuuchi at the mercy of the Ezaki trio. Not to fear, our little chicken has some claws and is finally learning to stand on his own two feet. Gaining confidence also brings Yuuchi a greater understanding for his friends relationships and opens him up to the possibility of taking his relationship with Tsutsui to the next level.

As much as I like Tsutsui and Yuuchi, my favorite couple has to be Hayate and Kanya. I love how they fight and love with equal amounts of passion.

One of the best parts of this release is the fact that the people behind it have this great ability to take their characters and have these incredibly hot scenes without ever really showing anything. The hotness comes from all in the little bits that you do see and the characters’ dialogue. Seriously, the sex scenes should not be this hot for being as tame as they are.

The whole thing is just warm and wonderful. I just end up falling more and more in love with the characters with each release. Now, how long do I have to wait for the next part?

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27th May 2008

Can’t Win With You 3

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

I’m really sad to see this series end. It has everything I like all wrapped up with quality art. It was funny, had good dramatic bits, some angst, nice sex scenes and characters I actually gave a shit about. The only hard part about writing glowing reviews for this series has been trying to get you all to read them without giving away too much of the plot.

When we start off in this release, it’s summer vacation and all of the students are going home on break. Well, all except Yuuchi, whose house is being remodeled, and Sango, who’s staying behind to keep an eye on things in the dorm. Now, these two have already slept together, but this is going to be an excuse for them to really relax and not worry about the other students around them.

The problem is that Yuuchi’s still so naive and Sango doesn’t know how to let Yuuchi know that he wants to spend a few hours in bed making him yell his head off without scaring Yuuchi off, or making Yuuchi lose some of that charming naivete. So, they’re both frustrated and cranky until they figure out how to talk to each other. Once that happens, things really start to take off and Sango does get to spend a few hours making Yuuchi scream like a banshee. See the power of communication, boys and girls!

I hope DMP keeps releasing works by these two. I know that this is the only work they’ve collaborated on, but even on their own their works always end up in my ‘keeper’ pile.

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27th May 2008

Constellations in My Palm

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

This release was an utter and total treat. Illustrated by the artist who brought us Rin!, it’s full of gorgeous art and a plot that’s all soft, sweet angst that’s going to tug at your heart. No matter how cranky and jaded you are, this release is going to make you smile.

There are times when I get a bit tired with some of the light and sweet releases that June Manga puts out, but then they redeem themselves by releasing something like this.

So we have Mizuho who cut all ties with his childhood friend, Enji. Childhood friends doesn’t even begin to cover these two. They were pretty much inseparable. Their favorite thing to do was to go stargazing. They always swore that when they grew up they would both study the stars.

So fast forward eight years. Mizuho is going to school for business and his old friend Enji is coming to stay with the family because he’s attending the same school. Enji’s studying astronomy though. He’s never lost his sense of wonder with the stars.

Mizuho has a lot of conflicting emotions now that Enji’s back in his social sphere. He’s uncomfortable with the way he just dropped him years ago and he’s confused at how cold Enji is with him. He wants to be comfortable with Enji again, but Enji is blocking him out.

It’s so nice to watch the love between these two unfold. They’re so prickly around each other because of past hurts, but once they let down their defenses it’s all warm and sweet and perfect.

I need more releases like this. Stories like this are what keep me in love with this genre.

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27th May 2008


Rating: ♦♦♦

Welcome to high-school angst. Toru has a secret crush on his best friend Ryoji. Out of the blue, Ryoji comes up to Toru and tells him that he gets turned on when he looks at him. This sends Toru into a spiral of angst and questioning, trying to see Ryoji’s motives in telling him this. Things escalate when Ryoji tells Toru that he wants to sleep with him, just to see what it will be like. Toru accepts and ends up getting his heart broken when he thinks that it means nothing more to Ryoji.

Pile on more angst until the boys figure out what it is they really want.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the tortured artist types. Toru is a member of the school’s art club and comes to a large part of his realization by painting. Ryoji is more of a solid, jock-type character. He knows what it is he wants and he’s known it from the beginning, he just doesn’t know how to express it.

It’s a sticky sweet manga that plucked at my heart strings. Even though it’s rated 18+, the smut isn’t very graphic. Sweet really is the only word I can come up with to describe this one. The art is nice, the story is nice, DMP does a fantastic job with their presentation. I do so love the dust covers and the oversized books.

It’s definitely not a manga for when you’re in the mood for some graphic out-and-out screwing, but it’s more of one to curl up with when you feel like angsting with the characters for a little while.

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23rd May 2008

Rin! 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Like most of us, I was introduced to Rin! though scanlations of the series. I did not make the connection at that time that the book was written by the writer of Only the Ringfinger Knows and illustrated by the artist behind Desire. No wonder this series is so sweetly addicting.

We’ve got Katsura, a young man suffering from anxiety attacks that can only be cured by a hug from his brother’s best friend, Sou. Now Katsura, Katsura’s brother and Sou all are on the school’s archery team.

As Katsura begins to rise through the ranks, his anxiety attacks become more acute. Sou keeps on giving him hugs grudgingly, but is there more to his feelings than just caring about his best friend’s brother? Add in the fact that Katsura is also having to deal with the advances that his teammate, Kouichi, is making on him and the anxiety attacks grow worse. Katsura is left facing the fact that he really cares more for Sou than he probably should.

This is schoolboy romance the way it should be done. Light, sweet and melt-your-heart perfect. Never mind the fact that in reading Rin! you get a crash course in Japanese-style archery. It’s not surprising that this series has been a fan favorite for a good long while now.

Happily, June has started leaving in the honorifics. It makes a much more pleasurable read. (Now if we could only get them to quit translating ‘big brother’!) Thank you so much, June, for listening to the fans and for starting to give us manga in the format as close to the original as possible.

While not graphic in the least, Rin! is a welcome addiction to any fan’s collection. A lot of the books released for the 16+ crowd leave me feeling empty, however, this series has the whole package. A sticky-sweet love story, unrequited lust and teenage angst all wrapped up with storytelling that sucks you in and doesn’t let you go.

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22nd May 2008

Sweet Revolution

Rating: ♦♦♦

House spirits? Check. Angst? Check. Love that can survive all obstacles? Check. Welcome to the world of Sweet Revolution.

The first collection of stories revolve around the heir to a dragon clan, Tatsuki, and a house spirit, Ohta, who have managed to stay together throughout the decades. It appears to be an abusive relationship at first, but once you peel back the layers you see that there is actual caring in the relationship. Tatsuki, being a member of the dragon clan who is living in the human world, needs the chi around him cleaned on a regular basis. Ohta cleans his chi. Through physical contact, of course.

It just didn’t ring true for me though. I found the first collection of stories to be slightly confusing. The story did not flow very well and I kept having to go back and re-read pages to make sure I knew which character was doing what to whom. It’s cute and it’s sweet and the characters were all very nice, but it just didn’t grab my attention.

Sadly, the part that did grab my attention was the story about the Tatsuki’s father, the head of the dragon clan. The father did not want to accept the relationship between Tatsuki and Ohta, stating that there needed to be a heir to the clan and a forbidden relationship like their’s was the reason he was wasting away. I wanted to know more about the father’s forbidden relationship.

I’m afraid that my favorite part in this book was the short story included at the end, “An Unseen Force”. It’s about a house spirit, Iori, that takes human form and is left the family’s house as an inheritance when the patriarch of the family passes away. The mother wants the house for her son, Akihiko, and isn’t going to let a silly thing like an inheritance stand in her way. Iori has to convince Akihiko that he is a house spirit and that he does care for him. It’s very bitter sweet and very well done.

Some of you may remember the artist in this book, Yukine Honami, from her work in Desire. I enjoyed her work then and I enjoy it now. I would love to see her illustrating something with a better story.

DMP, as usual, has done a great job with the presentation. I just wish they would leave in the honorifics. There is so much about the characters relationships that we lose when they drop the honorifics. It’s something I really miss when it’s left out of the translation. I think by now most manga readers know what the honorifics mean. If they don’t, it’s easy enough to add a page that explains them. Don’t dumb the manga down for the readers. It just makes them cranky.

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