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19th Oct 2009

Gay’s Anatomy

Rating: ♦♦♦

It’s hard to get cranky with a release when it’s just over-the-top fun. Oh, there are things that drove me crazy about it, especially Kitty Media’s continued elimination of the honorifics, but I’m going to push that aside and concentrate on what I did like. This is not a release for those of you who want a serious, complicated story. This is fluff with a dollop of censored penis with a touch of uke-boy saying that they don’t want it, when in reality they’re gagging for it.

There’s nothing new in this–it’s something we’ve all seen over and over again. Yet, when it’s done with such light-hearted fun, I have a hard time remembering that stories like this annoy me.

The first set of stories revolve around Motonari Tsuda, a surgeon, who teaches physician Tomoki Shirashi the joys of male on male sex. Of course, Tomoki swears up and down that he hates Tsuda’s attention and doesn’t want any of this. However, circumstances lead to Tsuda leaving Tomoki. Tomoki just falls apart only to have Tsuda rush in, re-introduce him to the wonders of his penis and things are back to being happy and lovey-dovey.

It’s just kind of silly, but it’s a well drawn kind of silly and for some reason makes me really happy to read.

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