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16th Feb 2009

Tricky Prince

Rating: ♦♦♦

I keep forgetting how much I like this artist. It was a nice treat for me to pick up this volume and rediscover her high quality art and quirky story lines. And, by quirky, I mean completely out in left field. Some of her other releases have had at least a passing acquaintance with logic, but this one seems to have thrown all of that out the window.

That’s okay though. After reading about sentient, humanoid cats who can fish in the desert for pieces of living room furniture, I’m about ready for anything.

Prince Willis has decided to go slumming and spend a year attending a public college. Eugene is an impoverished student who’s attending the college on a scholarship and has no time to waste on frivolous things like a prince. So, of course, Prince Willis is completely enthralled with Eugene and will do everything in his power to get Eugene to admit this as well.

Kidnapping, paparazzi, cross-dressing, mistaken identity, family drama and pervy teachers. It’s all here. Now, normally, something this wacky would have me bitching and moaning, but this release is so lighthearted and silly that it’s hard not to get sucked into the madness.

I don’t think I would have liked it as much if the art was crap. You really need gorgeous art to sell a story this insane. Maybe, I’m just happy that for once I’m not reading a school-boy romance from DMP.

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26th Oct 2008

Kabuki 1

Rating: ♦♦♦

This one kind of surprised me. I was expecting to like it, then halfway through I didn’t like it at all. Then the last chapter threw me for a bit of a loop and now I really want to read the next volume to see what’s going to happen. I like being surprised like that. I just wish it happened more often.

This is an odd release which plays on one of my favorite themes–past lives and meeting up with people you knew before. In his past life, Kounosuke was a samurai who was madly in love with his male page. After the fortress they were at was attacked, Kounosuke committed suicide, promising to meet the page, Kageya, at some point in the future.

Enter in the modern Kounosuke. He’s recovering from a car accident and has lost his memory. Well, sort of. See, Konosuke remembers his past life as a samurai, but nothing about the life he was currently living in the modern age. He is very clear on one thing, though–he must find Kageya. To make things even more interesting, Kounosuke has three caretakers, three generations of Kageyas. So, he must now decide which Kageya is the reincarnation of his Kageya, before the fake Kageyas try to do him in.

When he finally discovers the true Kageya, things go along well except for the fact that Kageya seems to have no interest in him sexually. This gets frustrating after a bit and this is the part of the manga that lost me. It sucked me back in with the last chapter when we find out the reason behind some of Kageya’s coldness.

It’s pretty, well drawn and it seems to be an interesting story. I’m going to see where this one goes before I decide whether or not this one deserves to go on the keeper shelf or not. I think I’m going to end up really liking it because I enjoyed the other release by this artist that June put out, WARU, far too much.

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22nd May 2008


Rating: ♦♦♦♦

I was far too amused by the melodrama and over-the-top angst in this release. Normally, I would find something as overblown as this release to be far too silly to appeal to me, but I found myself laughing out loud at the facial expressions on the characters faces every time something went wrong. In a lot of ways, this release reminded me of one of my all-time favorite series, FAKE, especially in the super-deformed expressions of disgust and anger on the characters faces, and in the fast paced storytelling.

We have Joe, who’s kidnapped Yuushi in order to fund one last big party on some South Seas island. You see, Joe’s doctor/father has just told him that he’s only got a short time left to live. Joe’s always been a bit of a delinquent, so he figures this is a quick way to make some money and a way to give a final ‘fuck you’ to his father. In case you couldn’t guess, Joe and his father don’t get along too well.

Problem is that Yuushi and Joe get along together, far too well. Joe finds himself confessing his reason behind the kidnapping to Yuushi and finds understanding and happy-monkey sex. Well, after the happy-monkey sex, there’s no way in hell that Joe is going to be able to rid himself of Yuushi.

Seriously, madcap adventures abound. It’s so unbelievably silly that the melodrama and angst works well in the story, sucking you in and making you wonder just what these two are going to get into in their next adventure. I’m almost sad that this is a one-shot, I would love to spend more time with these two.

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