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23rd Jun 2008

Weekend Lovers

Rating: ♦♦♦

I really want to like this release. Usually 801’s release are fun, gorgeous and full of win. This time, however, the characters are just plain unlikeable. The art is pretty and it wasn’t too bad of a read, but when I find the characters unbelievable, shallow and petty, I can’t really enjoy the story.

The title story is about Koutaro, a young and carefree temp worker, and his lover, Asahi, who is older and has a steady job for an elite corporation. They get along well when they are together, the problem is finding time to be together. Once they do get together, doubts keep them from enjoying themselves.

It’s cute and all, but the characters are just not engaging. I want my characters to jump off the page and make me angst and cry with them. I don’t like it when I’m flipping through the pages, just to find the next sex scene to hold my attention.

If you want pretty and smutty boys without exercising a lot of brain power, you may like this release. Personally, I think 801 is capable of release a much higher quality product.

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