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02nd Aug 2009

On Bended Knee

Rating: ♦♦♦

While we’ve seen this type of anthology before, and I’m pretty bored with it, there are elements in this release that makes it worth reading. I enjoyed the art. The stories, while predictable, were cute. Just about everything that could be done well was done well. It’s just that this kind of anthology is a dime a dozen with 801 Media. Cute boy #1 meets up with cute boy #2. There’s some angst and misunderstanding, then POOF! It’s happy buttsex time.

So, it’s really hard for me to get all excited about this release when there’s nothing to get excited over. Now, if they wanted to bring over something this artist has done that had a bit more of an in-depth plot line, I would be all over it.

The opening story was kind of cute. It revolved around a leader of a foreign crime syndicate, his bodyguard, who has been in love with him forever, and how they got around to admitting their feelings for each other.

Then, there was the story about the doctors who were carrying on a relationship during work hours. That is until one of them decided that he had enough of screwing in the hospital and then starts angsting because the other doctor won’t talk to him.

Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s just different costumes on practically the same characters.

If it wasn’t done so well and with so much lightheartedness and joy, I would really be cranky with this release. Yet, in reading the author’s notes, her joy in the characters and the fun she had while writing the stories shine through. Honestly, I can’t get too angry with it.

This is an artist I’m going to keep my eye out for more of. I just hope I can get something more in-depth than a boring, old anthology.

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