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27th May 2008

The Art of Loving 1

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

This is one of the few stories I’ve really enjoyed that have gotten a North American release that I didn’t already know about through scanlations.

We start off with the two characters all grown up. They’re waiting on each other for a night of bedroom acrobatics. As they get together, the facade they’re showing to each other begins to fall apart and you can see that this is not your normal happy relationship.

The rest of the book takes place in the past. How the two met and how the twisted little relationship got started. We’ve got your normal overachiever and the school delinquent. As to be expected, they find themselves drawn to each other and a friendship is born.

Yutaka, our overachieving schoolboy, is expected to do well so he can take over the family business. Tohno, the delinquent, doesn’t have anyone. His parents were killed in an accident and the family he has left really doesn’t care about him.

As the friendship grows, Yutaka starts to find himself attracted to Tohno. He starts to find himself beating off to thoughts of Tohno constantly. His grades are suffering and his family wants him to cut off all contact with him. Yutaka has his first and only real rebellion against his parents when he insists on being around Tohno.

While all this is going on, Tohno suffers another blow. The little bit of family he had left were killed in a car accident. Yutaka’s father gets a bright idea. He will sponsor and support Tohno through college if Yutaka will come to heel and take over the family business.

So, now Yutaka has what he wants. He’s got Tohno all to himself, but Tohno is oblivious to Yutaka’s feelings. We close out this volume with Yutaka telling Tohno that all he wants out of the relationship now is him.

Yeah. Cliffhangers suck.

DMP is finally releasing something that lives up to its parental warning/explicit content warnings with this June line. While it’s not out-and-out filthy like some of the other series out there, it is quite graphic and quite well done. I’ve got a bit of a kink for boys with obsessive lust and unrequited love. So this release floats my boat on quite a few levels.

I haven’t looked forward to the next book in a series this much in a long time.

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