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17th Jan 2010

Love Full of Scars

Rating: ♦♦♦

I have to give Net Comics a lot of credit for releasing stuff that’s a little left of center. After being inundated with school boys, it’s nice to have something that breaks away from the pack, and shows relationships with a twist.

From transvestites, to street punks to drivers-ed instructors, this is not what I would normally expect to see in a BL release.

It’s also handled very deftly, with a touch of humor. The characters know that they can be ridiculous, and march straight up to the line of being over the top, without crossing over and becoming caricatures of themselves.

My only problem is that it’s an anthology. I would love to see what this author could do given a whole book in which to grow the characters with. There’s only so much character development you can get in 15 pages – and there in lies my problem with anthologies.

I love series that take volumes to tell a story. I want to get to know every aspect of a characters life. I don’t want to be introduced to a character, find out I really like them, and then have to be done with them and introduced to a new one, all in the span of 15 pages.

If there is a release of this artist’s work that is a full story, and not just an anthology, I will be lining up to buy it.

Pick this one up, if only to be introduced to a new artist that you’re not familiar with, just try to not fall in love with the characters. With an anthology, you’re just setting yourself up for heartbreak.

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