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03rd Aug 2008

Author’s Pet

Rating: ♦♦

I have seen this before. I’ve seen all of these stories before and I’ve seen them done better. The only story that held my interest was the one that revolved around the veterinary student who has an apartment full of cats and takes in a human stray. The only thing that made the story enjoyable for me was the inclusion of the cats.

Now, I guess I’m being a bit hard but, I had higher hopes for the Juné line. I know, I know, I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but they have released a lot of quality stuff in the past. Sometimes they introduce me to stuff that I would never have picked up on my own, so I always look forward to the new release and end up feeling disappointed when a release does not live up to my standards.

What really made me cranky about this release was the low quality of the artwork. I’m fond of lush detail in art, so seeing these simplistic sketches just made me even more cranky. It’s not that the drawings are not well done, it’s obvious that the artist can draw, but it’s no where near the quality that I expect.

Maybe I’m spoiled by re-reading some of my favorite releases that Juné has done, works by people like Toko Kawai, Fumi Yoshinaga, and Mika Sadahiro. When compared to those authors, this release looks distinctly amateur. I didn’t hate this one enough to warn you all to avoid it like the plague, but it’s definitely going into my giveaway box.

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