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27th May 2008

Golden Cain

Rating: ♦♦

I did not like Golden Cain the first time I read it and I still don’t really like it. It does not inspire the loathing that Level C brings out in me, but there’s just something about it that really rubbed me the wrong way.

That being said, Golden Cain has started to grow on me, kind of like a fungus. I find myself re-reading the manga and each time walking away hating it a little less.

The manga centers around Shun (uke) an undergrad student at a prestigious college and Cain (seme) a model who just sweeps himself into Shun’s life and sweeps Shun off his feet – literally. Add in a Satanic cult hell bent on screwing Shun into oblivion, a mysterious older brother, Cain’s sort of mysterious past and you get a plot that would only be plausible in a BL or shojo manga.

Reading BL manga, you have to kind of expect that the plots are going to be kind of out there and at times pretty silly. You expect this and sometimes even revel in the silliness of the plots. I wasn’t doing much reveling reading this. There was a lot more rolling of my eyes and grumbling about manga-ka who like to have their characters be women with penises.

The only saving grace that this manga really has is that the sex scenes are fairly hot, there’s a nice dose of smutty talk and the characters are fairly pretty. If I was more fond of the art, I think I would find the characters prettier. Asagiri does not have anything wrong with her style, but it is a different style, and it’s not one that I really care for.

I still don’t like Be Beautiful’s presentation. I want dust covers and full color inserts and for my North American manga to look like the original manga. Maybe I’m asking for too much, because I think I’m going to end up disappointed with every Be Beautiful release that I end up buying.

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