23rd Nov 2009


Rating: ♦♦♦♦

I have waited a long time to hold a book by Becca Abbott in my hot little hands. She was always one of my favorite Gundam Wing authors that we archived here at BND. Her stories were always filled with pain and heartache, yet tempered with passion and sweetness. SL Publishing Group has picked a real gem to be their first foray into print books. This is going to appeal to the yaoi fans, as well as to fans of m/m fiction who want a good dose of high fantasy with their relationships. I happen to be a sucker for high fantasy, so this book pushed all of my happy buttons.

Stefn is a sin-eater. Sin-eaters are humans who are born with a deformity and everything that goes wrong is laid to blame at their feet. Despised by his family because of his deformity, Stefn spends his days wrapped up in ancient histories and books.

There’s a revolution brewing. The church, which Stefn’s family owes full allegiance has grown corrupt and power hungry. The king of the land is in a drug-addled haze. The king’s brother will do everything in his power to save the kingdom of Tanrin; even if it means bringing back forbidden Naran sorcery.

A coup is staged, and Stefn is the only male member of his family left alive. He’s left alive for one reason, to serve as the conduit of power for Michael Arranz, who’s descended from the demon race of Naragi. Michael’s blood is one of the purest left, and he needs a conduit if the plans to save the country are to be fruitful.

Enter in Stefn – abused, sheltered and believing fully that the demon race is evil, and that he must do everything in his power to thwart Michael’s plans. Yet, it’s hard to rebel when your very being is tied to what you hate most in the world, when it holds you in a web of pleasure and friendship, greater than anything that Stefn has ever known.

This book to me to a place that few books are able to bring me to. A place where you don’t even notice that time is passing, yet you’re spending hours devouring every word on the page. I was sad when I found that I only had a few chapters left. I wanted the book to keep going, to spend more time with these characters.

I knew I was going to like this book, based on the strength of Abbott’s previous writing, but I wasn’t expecting to like it quite this much. If this is the quality of work that SL Publishing Group is going to be releasing, then we’re all in for a big treat.

One Response to “Cethe”

  1. Ayden Says:

    I totally agree with the review above!

    I first loved Becca Abbot for her Ai no Kasabi fanfics – “Fortress” and “Wasteland” – and then devoured everything I could find by her.

    Also being an author at SLPG, I have a little inside information about her…. Becca’s next book in this series is written. (*I* was luck enough to serve as first editor!) Tentatively titled “Dreams Of Fire”, it concerns Severin and his attempts to discover ways to save his kingdom.

    It also concerns the turning of a once fierce enemy into a loving companion…

    If I may be so bold, I’d appreciate a review of my first published novel, too. “Skaia” by Ayden Sadari. (Available on SLPG and Amazon.) The story of a Roman slave boy and the family of masters he comes to love. (Only one review on Amazon – but it’s by Becca!)