09th May 2009

Totally Captivated 6

Rating: ♦♦♦

More insanity and pretty boys. Really, it’s a winning combination. Ewon and Mookyul have gone through a lot during the course of the series, but the real challenge comes when Mookyul is severely injured in a a botched bid for one of the bad guys to take over his gang. Ewon, being a stereotypically angsty BL character, flips out once Mookyul is on the mend and goes into hiding. He’s got some good reasons, but, in all honesty, it’s just an excuse to draw him all pouty and pretty and to have Mookyul go all uber-seme on him.

Not that we get to see any of the uber-seme action–this is a volume that’s rated 16+. That’s really a shame because with the quality of the art, I’m sure that the smut would be really well done.

Even though I got a little tired with this series part of the way through, it managed to redeem itself in the end. It’s very endearing and something that I will be returning back to when I need to put a smile on my face.

This is not a series that you go to when you’re looking for a great amount of substance; it’s one of those that you go to when you need some pretty boys, pure escapism and just want to laugh at the absurdity of the situations. It’s not great literature, but there’s room for it in my collection. I need a good dose of insanity every once in a while.

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