21st Sep 2008

The Crimson Spell 2

Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Okay, anything by Ayano Yamane makes me happy. This release makes me especially happy with the fantasy setting, magical creatures, cursed swords and pretty boys banging each other’s brains out. What more could a fangirl ask for?

Now, they did change one thing from the first release. They changed the spelling of the main character’s name. In the first release, his name was spelled Bald. This lead me to picture things other than a pretty bishy-boy with soft, flowing hair. In the original scanlations, the name was translated as Val. When I sent my review of the first release to Kitty Media and voiced my complaint about the translation, they responded back that they had checked with Yamane and that she prefers the ‘Bald’ translation of his name.

So, after all that, it kind of came as a surprise to see the name changed to Vald in this release. I’m happy to see the change as now I’m not reminded of a bald, sweaty, salary-man when I’m reading. However, given the fact that the change was made without any explanation, I feel it may confuse some readers. I know that I would be confused if I opened a book to find that the main character had a new name.

In this volume, we have more magical creatures and more of demon-boy Vald being banged by Havi. We’re still searching for a way to break Vald’s curse, but there are forces scheming to make sure that Vald stays cursed. Making things more interesting is that Vald is starting to crave Havi’s touch without knowing why. The demon’s wants are starting to break through to Vald’s human psyche and confusing the hell out of him.

I’m hoping that the next volume will be out quickly. Boy-smut fantasy is hard to come by. When I find it, I only want more of it.

Update: At a recent anime convention I was attending, I found out that they re-released the first volume of the series, with the name change. I went to their website to see if Kitty Media had made any announcements about the change in printing, but I found that their website had not been updated since 2007.

The announcement was made at their E-bay store. Which, if you ask me, is a pretty silly place to be making announcements about things like this. On the back of all of their releases, they list their website as kitty-media.com, not their E-bay store.

3 Responses to “The Crimson Spell 2”

  1. anoniemouse Says:

    Just so you know they also changed the second printing of the First Volume of Crimson Spell to make the Vald name ^__^ so if you get the second printing it all matches up!

  2. Cynthia Says:

    @ anoniemouse
    A little bird told me that at an anime convention I went to this past weekend, but I’m not going to go out and buy a new copy, when the copy I already have is perfectly good.

    I guess they made an announcement about the change through their e-bay store, which is a pretty silly place to be making announcements.

  3. anoniemouse Says:

    I hear you. They don’t use their regular website for any announcements, it’s all through the ebay store @-@ That’s so irritating.