01st Sep 2008

Just Around The Corner

Rating: ♦♦♦♦

A mediocre release by Toko Kawai, is still better than ninety percent of the manga that is being released now. If this release was by any other artist, I would be impressed. It’s still a good release and full of Kawai’s signature charm, but it’s just not quite as good as her other releases.

We have Kiriya, a young man who is reeling after a callous breakup, and Yuuga, who is wallowing in self-pity after being told that his career as a pianist is at an end. After Yuuga pulls Kiriya out of the way of oncoming traffic, they recognize each other’s despair. A physical relationship starts, and aside from wondering about what the other is feeling, life is pretty good.

Things get interesting when Kiriya gets a new job and Yuuga starts a new year at school. See, Yuuya never revealed his exact age, so imagine the surprise when Yuuga walks into his math class and finds that his new teacher is Kiriya. Kiriya is pissed and wants nothing more to do with Yuuya, but Yuuya is determined to worm his way back into Kiriya’s good graces and heart.

It’s a sweet story and, yes, I really enjoyed it. I jut wanted more from Kawai. Still, it’s better than most school-boy/teacher stories that Juné is known for. It had a touch of realism that a lot of stories are severely lacking. Buy this one. Enjoy it for what it is, just don’t expect the same magic that can be found in Our Everlasting or Loveholic.

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